Doubting is Honest

Doubt is honest…

When we admit our doubt we are being honest.

When we are honest we are open for a blessing and a revelation.

Thomas was a man of action and works. He was willing to back his convictions with action. When Jesus suggested they return to Judea, and the disciples were afraid, Thomas said “Let us also go, that we may die with him”. While the others were hiding in the locked room, in fear for their lives from the Jews, Thomas had been out in the world, living in the fear and when he asked for proof, Jesus provided it to him and he was then blessed with the absolute knowledge that Jesus was his Lord and his God.

Thomas admitted his doubt and when he did, he was able to receive the blessing of touching Jesus and his wounds and then was able to truly understand and declare …”My Lord and My God”. Jesus did not say, those who doubt are not blessed, he only added that those who would not be able to see would be blessed by believing without the touch and see that Thomas received. The other disciples had already seen and touched. Thomas was probably a kinesthetic learner, he needed the experience of the touch to learn. Kinesthetic learners are doers, Thomas was  one of those, a man of action. I would venture that most of us who “do” things for the church,  do so that we can experience Christ present in the world today. And when we “do” we learn and while we may have doubts in our hearts —seeing Christ present in the doing we receive the blessing of knowing an ever present Christ today.

God doesn’t ask us to not doubt, doesn’t ask us to not question, but gives us room to ask the questions and to touch and see and learn and then we can truly believe that Jesus is our Lord and our God. Touch and see, taste and see!

©Amber E Keithley 2014

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