The Hard Questions

Recently someone ask me a hard question…she asked me, “if there are blessings from God and there non-blessings”, she didn’t want to use the word curses. It set me on a journey of thought like so many things do in my ADHD brain. As I thought about this I began to think about how we pick and choose what we want to believe about God. We want to believe that our God is a God of love and blessings and that Old Testament mean God is no longer handing out brutal punishment for wearing mixed fibers etc. but how do we explain the “non-blessings” we experience. If there is light there must be darkness, if there is good there must be evil, if there is right there must be wrong… and about this time I just get lost in my head. Is God concerned with my day to day life, does God want me to get to work on time and therefore makes all the lights green so it happens? Or is the devil the one controlling those darn lights so I am late again. Ahhh we want to say we have free will and therefore we could choose to get up on time and not lollygag around so we can leave on time. But why do we say it is a blessing when we are running a few minutes behind and then we realize that had we left on time we would have been right in the middle of the horrible accident that happened a few minutes before we passed? Or if we are involved in the horrible accident was God punishing us for some sin we have committed?? Here in lies the problem we have in our human minds…Jesus Jesus if you’re up there are you listening do you care??? Why are children being abused, that child has not sinned to the degree that they should be punished in this way. If it’s the sins of the fathers being heaped upon the heads of the children, what kind of forgiveness is that? What was the point of Jesus death and resurrection if we still have these terrible punishments being heaped upon our heads?? Why do the rich still get richer and the poor get poorer when they’ve worked their entire lives and never got a break/blessing?

Exactly what prayers are worthy to be prayed? What requests are okay, a good parking spot when it’s raining, a green light, a healing of the body or mind for yourself or others, world peace, or safety of our loved ones? Why are we not given the healing sometime, why does a child have to suffer with cancer or the loss of a parent at a young and vulnerable age?? Why why why?? It is these questions that keep some of our minds spinning. Why didn’t God in his mercy find another way to forgive his children, rather than Jesus having to die and be raised again…and why if we get a new body after death why did Jesus still have the wounds from his crucifixion?? We all have pat little answers for the questions of why bad things happen to good people but they are really trite when someone is suffering so desperately from some great and terrible non-blessing.

This world is desperate for answers that are real not trite and placating. How can we believe in a God that doesn’t protect the little children?? How can we forgive ourselves for our own transgressions when God doesn’t seem to be forgiving the little children?

And I am reminded of Job….

And in the midst of his suffering he says…I know that my redeemer lives…..

And all is restored….

©Amber E Keithley 2014

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