“I Do It My Own Self”

We have the mistaken belief at times that we have to do things ourselves. It starts at very young age…I remember one of my child’s first full sentences was a very adamant, “I do it my own self”! While this is a natural stage of declaring and establishing our independence it isn’t long before we realize that we cannot always “do it our own selves” and we need help. If we refuse the help of others we not only miss the blessing that will come from allowing others and God to help us but we deny others and God the blessing that they receive from helping others. Sometimes it is pride and stubbornness that keeps us from experiencing the blessing that God wants to bestow on us and sometimes we forget that God will not forsake us. How often we wander aimlessly before we think of asking for help. I personally have found myself often asking for God’s help and then proceeding to try and “do it my own self”. To help myself let go of taking back the request I would ask God help with, I created a “God Box” that I put my prayers and worries into for safe keeping. When I would find myself trying to solve the problem again, I would make myself go and take that piece of paper with my prayer on it back and try to carry it around in my hand while I went about my day. It does not take long before you realize that carrying that around is not only hard but almost impossible. But the most powerful lesson and the one that brought me to my knees was when I realized as I went to the box to take a prayer back that I was essentially saying to God….I don’t think You can handle this and “I will do it my own self”.   It was then I realized that once I ask God for help, I must sit back and wait for Him to carry me and my problems.

©Amber E Keithley 2014

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